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- By: Walter Menezes

Domnic Colaco of Quepem, once a musician and now a sound-and-light expert, shares his moments and gives some ‘sound advice’ about churches and the new plan for Quepem Church.

Many all over the globe consider 13 to be unlucky. But for Domnic Colaco, Consultant and Production Manager of Talentz Centre LLC, Muscat, a company which deals in sound systems and stage lights and effects, it was just the opposite.

{The Man and The Machine].

On board Fr. Peter’s Opera
“When I was 13, I had my first big break. I was part of Rev. Fr. Peter Cardozo’s acclaimed opera, Padr Agnel, Onod Gõycho. I even sang solo in the audio album. I think there were no recording facilities here in Goa at that time and so the entire group traveled to Mumbai in a specially-chartered Paulo bus. The album was recorded at Western Outdoor Studios at Flora Fountain,” said Domnic, speaking about the good tidings age-13 brought his way.

Being a boarder of Fr.Agnel Niketan, Pilar at that time, had its own advantages. Pilar Music School was nearby and this lad from Quepem was soon learning drums and guitar from his India-fame gurus, Assumption and Domnic. After Pilar and while in college, Domnic was part of the local bands, Ivorians (1984) and Crusaders (1987), doing the vocals and playing the lead guitar and at other times the rhythm as well.

Two local bands and five years later, thanks to Mr.Edwin Fernandes, the famous lead guitarist from Per Seraulim, Domnic landed in Delhi playing for Anamika Sood & The Temptations, first at Ashoka Hotel and then at Le Meridien on Janpath Road.
“Anamika Sood was Delhi’s great pop singer. She was equally at ease with English, Hindi and Punjabi songs,” Domnic recalled of his heady days in the country’s capital.

From Delhi to Muscat
But in May 1992, Domnic left the Indian shores and found himself in Muscat working for Photocentre, a company similar to Talentz, which handled corporate events, concerts and fashion shows. “It was Valerio Jorge, then Audio Engineer with Photocentre, who took me to Oman. I am grateful to him.” When asked if the up-on-stage to behind-the-scenes job was a difficult transition, he confided, “Music was, and still is, my passion. But there are other things one has to think of. Like financial stability and your family.”

“Since 2002, I am with Talentz. But in 2006, I had the privilege of briefly working as Asst. Audio Visual Manager at Abu Dhabi Emirates Palace. Not many, I think, get an opportunity to be there,” he told me with a certain pride.

The James Blunt show
Talentz Centre LLC is a big name in the Sultanate of Oman. In February this year, it was Talentz who provided the sound, lighting and trussing system for the James Blunt Live show in Muscat. “Held at Muscat Intercontinental Hotel Lawns, the concert was attended by over 4000 fans and was an instant hit. The Dynacord-cobra4 line array system was a perfect match and yes…James Blunt did sing, You Are Beautiful!” he added.

{With support team of James Blunt show, extreme right, front row}

[James Blunt show poster]

Talentz, incidentally, have recently bagged the contract for ‘sound installation’ of Sohar Church in Muscat. “Earlier, our company did the complete sound arrangements for Protestant Church of Oman (PCO) in Ruwi as well as Ghala. We used ‘centre cluster system from electro-voice-speakers’ for PCO, built to accommodate over 300 parishioners,” Domnic elaborated about his company’s connect with churches.

{PCO Oman}

And while on the subject of churches, I must disclose that when I caught up with Domnic Colaco at his residence near the Kepem Garden on a rainy day when his ‘holiday’ was almost coming to an end, I came upon an unexpected guest at his dining table: Ivor Gomes, the young architect who has designed a new plan for Quepem Church, extending it while at the same time ‘saving’ the old heritage structure. (See Features, GT dated 04.07.2009)

‘Sound’ Footings for Quepem Church
Both Domnic and Ivor were animatedly going through the ‘sound arrangements’ of the new plan. “This is an amazing design. Once built, it will become an example for others to follow. Ivor deserves full marks,” Domnic exclaimed as Ivor guided him through the various aspects of the plan on his laptop.

“We can incorporate the modern technology of sound used in amphitheatres in this church. We even have the software to model the acoustic space and placement of sound system. If this plan is approved, I will surely co-ordinate with Ivor through the internet on a regular basis and assist him with whatever expertise I have in this field,” he said extending his fullest support.

When asked why, like Ivor, he would do all this without being asked, he said, “Quepem and Quepem Church means a lot to me. This is where we grew up and this is the least we can do for our place and our church!”

Domnic (and Ivor), may your tribe increase!

(This article first appeared on Gomantak Times dated July 29, 2009.)

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