Tuesday, March 23, 2010

14 Doyalleo Kornneo

Review of Brenda Menezes’ Konkani book…

By J P Pereira
Navhind Times, February 12, 2010

Brenda Menezes from Quepem, after penning a beautiful collection of humorous one-act plays titled, ‘Nattyangann’ in the Devnagri script, has released a collection of short stories, this time in the Roman script, for children and adults who are young at heart. The book titled ‘14 Doyalleo Kornneo’ has 14 short stories teaching morals for a good living, adapted from the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

‘Bhukel’leank Jevunk Diunchem’, ‘Tanel’leank Pieunk Diunchem’, Vinglleank Nhesunk Diunchem’, ‘Peleak Bori Budh Diunchi’, ‘Dukhestank Bhuzvonn Diunchi’ and ‘Jiveam Ani Meloleam Khatir Magchem’ are some of the stories from the collection. Recounted in a simple and lucid style, children are bound to enjoy and gain a lot of understanding on how to show love towards one another. The author in the foreword pays a fitting tribute to the late Fr Edwin D’Souza, ex-Principal of Pope John XXIII High School, Quepem, who was a mentor and guide to her and all the children he taught.

The book published by the Dalgado Konkani Academy is priced at Rs 50 and is worth much more than that. Buy a copy for your children and if you have time, read it yourself. It is never too late to learn a good thing.

The book is available at:

Star Book Stall, Quepem

Confidant, Margao

Zito’s, Near Cine Lata, margao

Konkani Bhasha Mandal, Vidyanagar, Margao; and

Dalgado Konkani Akademi, Campal Trade Centre, St. Inez, Panaji.


14 Doyalleo Kornneo

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